The Transformation Index

You’ve spent hundreds of hours on developing innovative policies and millions of dollars on educational technologies with the intention of transforming the face of 21st century education in your region.

But to what extent is your investment reflected by the beliefs and attitudes of your leaders?

Designed for school leadership at regional and state level,  Transformation Index is a ground breaking survey measuring the commitment to and potential for transformation (through the innovative use of technology by your school leaders), across regions, networks, states and countries.

The Transformation Index is systemic monitoring and forecasting tool that enables the identification of trends over time. It estimates leaderships capacity to drive innovative transformation in schools by providing school leaders, policy and decision-makers with an up-to-date  picture of the beliefs and attitudes underpinning school leaders’ actions to emerging technologies for teaching and learning.

The index serves as a ‘pulse taking’ mechanism by identifying the trends, similarities and differences across jurisdiction, and most importantly highlights the degree of alignment across different leadership roles.

How does it work?
Delivered as an online survey, data within each of unit of analysis is captured in a variety of question formats that include scenarios, beliefs, predictions and self-reported technology use, actions taken in the last six months and planned for the coming six months. Stakeholder questions specific to your regional initiatives can also be included in the survey.

Once the survey is completed by your leaders, ideasLAB researchers analyse the data over multiple units of analysis and provide a detailed report along with an index score. In addition to the in-depth analysis, ideasLAB can also provide you with discussion papers to share with your leadership and facilitate visioning workshops.

How can you get involved?
ideasLAB completed a state wide pilot of the Transformation Index in Victoria in 2010. We are currently seeking educational jurisdictions internationally who would like to undertake the Index in their region.

To find out more about the Transformation Index, or to have a conversation about participating, please email us at

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