Pulse is the first learning analytics tool of its kind giving you the ability to track, assess  and understand online interactions across the web.

Pulse is a product that allows anyone to track, assess and make sense of what is happening in online communities and distributed learning networks. Pulse enables the collection and reporting on diverse web-based content. The free browser-plug-in includes a web bookmarklet that works with any modern browser.

At the heart of Pulse is the concept of a lens. A lens is the researcher/assessor created coding book used to analyse content. Teachers can create and use lenses modeled on their own assessment frameworks.

The applications for Pulse are varied.  Pulse can be used by researchers for content analysis to investigate the function and the form of online conversations and content. It can be used by owners of web communities seeking to determine if their members are using their website in the ways in which they were intended and Pulse can be used by teachers to assess student learning in place and it can be used by students for showcasing and self-assessment.

PULSE IS BEING LAUNCHED AT ISTE on June 27th and will be available from http://pulse.ideaslab.edu.au/

Big Questions

How do we track, assess, manage and ultimately make sense of how learning is occurring across disperse and distribute websites? How do learners manage and showcase their learning projects?