Collective Learning Environments

The challenge for schools is how to foster collective learning. There is a need for a new class of learning environments, we call them Collective Learning Environments. These collectives allow learners to co-construct quality knowledge content, connect with other passionate self-directed learners, undertake projects and engage in collective investigation.

Collective Learning Environments offer an opportunity for self-directed learning, they recognise that knowledge is constructed through the specific inquiry of passionate learners. They recognise that knowledge isn’t static, that new insights and techniques are continually emerging. They offer an opportunity for learners to learn together and undertake collective investigation with other passionate learners. Collective Learning Environments offer schools, teachers and learners, a new opportunity…

What might these Collective Learning Environments look like and what are the opportunities for teaching and learning?
There must be an object at the heart of the collective inquiry.
The object must be considerably broad to encourage diversity.
All views must be recognised and encouraged.
Autonomy must be encouraged.
Quality knowledge and participation must be able to be identified and nurtured.

What has the ideasLAB been doing?
  • Exploring self directed learning with Massively Open Online Courses through Game Making with Kodu Game Lab and 1 to 1 Next Steps
  • Investigating how collective knowledge can be co-created through Object Centred Question and Answer communities, namely Kodu Kwestions and 1 to 1 Answers
  • Exploring what Collective Writing ( and forkable text) might look like