The CKC Scenario Game

The CKC Scenario Game

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The CKC Scenario Game is a card game adapted by ideasLAB*  designed to encourage and provoke both divergent and convergent thinking around collective knowledge construction. Originally adapted as card game, ideasLAB has now made a Powerpoint adaption of the game which you can use and adapt in any way you choose – and you can add your own scenarios!

Download it here (.zip 1.6 Mb)

Players are prompted with scenarios called “Future Casts” – ideas about the future.  Players respond to these Future Casts by playing a range of “Response Cards” and “Dark” or “Positive Imagination” cards.These can either introduce new ideas or build upon the ideas of others.

The goal is to be as creative a thinker as possible when faced with different Future Casts, to entertain ideas that may adversarial to current paradigms and to encourage players to think of alternate positions and implications for innovative technologies and pedagogy.

The intention of the game is to expand what’s possible, so players should assume they can:

• get any resource needed
• remove any obstacle
•change any practice
• collaborate across any boundary

A dealer separates the “Future Cast” cards from the deck and places them face down.
The dealer shuffles the “Response Cards” (include all the momentum, antagonism, adaptation, investigation and dark and positive imagination and summary cards).

The dealer deals out 3 random “Response Cards” to each player, then lifts one of the Future Casts off the top of the deck and reads the scenario to the players and places the card in the centre of the playing area.  Alternatively the dealer may choose a specific card, when used in a workshop situation.

Players who have been dealt a positive or dark imagination summary card should identify themselves – they will need to keep track of the positive or negative imagination arguments and summarise them at the end of the round.

The first player to the left of the dealer with a  Positive or Dark imagination card goes first. The round continues until players have played all their Response Cards. A player who identified themselves a Dark or Positive imagination summary cardholder now briefly summarises the key argument for either the positive or dark imagination.

Depending on the length of game you wish to play, you can choose to end the game when all response cards are finished, after a pre-determined number or rounds or you may choose to end the game when each of the Future Cast cards have been played. To expand this game ideasLAB encourages you to create your own rules, and/ or  to add  your own imagined Future Cast cards specific to your organisation, department or area of work.

*“The Game” was developed by the  INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE (
and has been adapted by ideasLAB under  Creative Commons.

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