Reimagining Technology Use In The 21st Century

So much of our focus on our use of technology has played to what is known, rather than what is not. How can we possibly escape the grasp of a traditional learning paradigm if we cannot let go of the ideas that underpin it? How can we ever fully realise what new technologies make possible if we don’t apply new thinking, from new perspectives, to find new.. and exciting insights about what schooling could, and possibly should, be.

When we start to dig a little deeper into what technology-richness enables, sometimes we come up with little gems – here are a few of them…

Big Ideas

Big Ideas is a major research theme for ideasLAB and aims to develop design labs that increase our understanding of the science and art of learning online and seeks to better understand how new online tools and technologies are leading to new learning practices.

Understanding Virtual Pedagogies Design Labs:

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

One of the lab’s most important roles is to support leadership thinking and decision- making around technology use in schools. In this we seek to advise school leadership of new ideas, and emerging technologies that might significantly influence school functions, or a student’s learning experiences.
To achieve this we are proactively involved in decisions in this area, and are also continually invited to speak or run workshops for various education bodies. Additionally, we need to be continually driving a positive agenda around what technology makes possible for schools, through a diverse range of avenues.