We stand for what’s possible when emerging technology, teaching and learning come together to re-imagine what school could be like in a technology-rich environment.

We support teachers and school leaders in bringing new paradigms of virtual pedagogy to the 21st century classroom.

We undertake bold and ambitious projects in the new frontiers of online assessment; object centered sociality, content analysis, games based learning and how learners learn online.

We ask the big questions, engage the big thinkers and bring the conversation to policy makers and school leaders.

We challenge and champion what is possible in a connected and networked world.

IdeasLAB – where great ideas come from.

Our Team

Bruce Dixon


In addition to his role as director of ideaslab, Bruce Dixon is also the founder and president of the Anywhere Anytime Learning Foundation. He consults to schools, School Districts, Education Departments, Ministries of Education as well as technology companies such as Microsoft, HP-Compaq, Apple, Bertelsmann and Toshiba on 1:1 teaching and technology in education.

Bruce has more than 25 years experience working with schools and technology, as a teacher, Principal, software developer and an undergraduate college lecturer. Then in 1987 he and a partner established an educational technology company, Computelec. As a national company of more than 90 staff, the company was fundamental to the establishment and growth of laptop programs in more than 80 schools across 3 states, before he sold it in the mid-nineties to focus on consulting.

Since 1995 he has worked extensively in North America, and was in part responsible for developing the 1:1 program there, through the Anytime Anywhere Learning initiative. Over the past 3 years, Bruce has consulted in Australia, the US, Canada, Germany, UK and New Zealand, and has been invited to speak at Conferences in Australia, Asia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and North America.

Richard Olsen

Assistant Director

Richard is the Assistant Director of ideasLAB, and is responsible for the lab’s manage design labs and themes.

Prior to joining the lab Richard was ICT Coordinator at Concord School. At Concord School, Richard implemented collaborative learning activities using web-based social software that encouraged online communities of practice.

In 2011, Richard published his first major paper, Understanding Virtual Pedagogies.

Sofia Pardo

Lead Researcher

Dr Sofia Pardo is the leading researcher of the ideasLAB. She has nearly 10 years of experience as a researcher and has recently completed a PhD at The University of Melbourne on the evaluation of educational software for primary school children. Before joining the ideasLAB in 2009, Sofia was part of the Research Branch at Department of Education and Early Childhood Development where she had a key role in building research capacity across the department. As a leading researcher with the lab her role involves the design and implementation of research around the lab’s projects as well as the dissemination of research findings across a wide audience.